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Panic attack from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia jump to: navigation, search     for other uses, see panic attack (disambiguation). Panic attack classification and external resources a person who is experiencing a panic attack, being calmed down and reassured by another person. viagra generic Icd-10 f 41. 0 icd-9 300. 01 mesh d016584 panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset [1] and of variable duration of minutes to hours. Panic attacks usually begin abruptly, may reach a peak within 10 minutes, but may continue for much longer if the sufferer had the attack triggered by a situation from which they are not able to escape. In panic attacks that continue unabated, and are triggered by a situation from which the sufferer desires to escape, some sufferers may make frantic efforts to escape, which may be violent if others attempt to contain the sufferer. Some panic attacks can subside on their own over the next several hours. cheap viagra Often, those afflicted will experience significant anticipatory anxiety and limited symptom attacks in between attacks, in situations where attacks have previously occurred. The effects of a panic attack vary. european viagra commercial Some, notably first-time sufferers, may call for emergency services. viagra online Many who experience a panic attack, mostly for the first time, fear they are having a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. [2] experiencing a panic attack has been said to be one of the most intensely frightening, upsetting and uncomfortable experiences of a person's life and may take days to initially recover from. [3] repeated panic attacks are considered a symptom of panic disorder. [4] screening tools like panic disorder severity scale can be used to detect possible cases of disorder, and suggest the need for a formal diagnostic assessment. [5] [6] contents 1 description 2 signs and symptoms 2. 1 diagnostic criteria 3 causes 4 pathophysiology 5 classification 5. 1 agoraphobia 5. viagra women dose doe 2 panic disorder 6 treatment 6. buy cheap viagra 1 breathing exercises 6. generic viagra without prescription 2 psychotherapies 6. 3 dietary changes 7 prognosis 7. 1 limited symptom attack 8 references [edit] description sufferers of panic attacks often report a fear or sense of dying, "going crazy," or experiencing a heart attack or "flashing vision," feeling faint or nauseated, a numb sensation throughout the body, heavy breathing (and almost always, hyperventilation), or losing control of themselves. Some people also suffer from tunnel vision, mostly due to blood flow leaving the head to more critical parts of the body in defense. buy cheap viagra online uk These feelings may provoke a strong urge to escape or flee the place where the attack began (a consequence of the sympathetic "fight-or-flight response") in which the hormone which causes this response is released in signif. viagra super active plus canada  



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